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What does "is present in revision" mean

From: Keith Beattie
Subject: What does "is present in revision" mean
Date: Wed, 8 Aug 2001 16:19:18 -0700

Hi all,

Short question:
What does the stderr message: 'cvs update: file is present in
revision tag2' mean when doing a  'cvs up -j tag1 -j tag2'?

Background (not for the light-hearted): was originally added on branch B1 and subsequently merged to the
Trunk (creating a rev. 1.2).  Branch B2 was then created ('s branch
'id' is 1.2.2). is then removed on B1 (dead rev and merged
to the Trunk again (creating a dead rev. 1.3).  Now on B2, is
revised creating a rev  B2 is now merged to the Trunk with the
above command and rather than a revised 1.4 revision of being added
to the Trunk (as I expected) the above error is printed.

Is it just the case that when merging a file on a branch with a simple delta
(1.2 to into the Trunk where the file is dead, I need to look for
"is present in revision" in the stderr of the up -j -j command?


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