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branch tags

From: Matthew Herrmann
Subject: branch tags
Date: Thu, 9 Aug 2001 17:01:46 +1000

Hi everyone,

When I began CVS for a project I am working on, I accidentally tagged our
beginning code with a branch tag ROT_4_4_1. I then discovered that it was
better to tag with a 'non-sticky' tag, then tag again with a branch tag to
allow concurrent development.

Anyway, I did this by creating a new static tag which I then renamed to be
ROT_4_4_1 through a series of new tag, delete tags instructions:

cvs rtag temptag -rROT_4_4_1 ....
cvs rtag ROT_4_4_1 -d ....

The problem is that the branch version numbers are all :, etc.

instead of,, ...

It seems as if it managed to trip over itself during the operation. I didn't
notice this until recently.

Anyway, any cvs diff, cvs log commands all give bizarre results, basically
giving way too many changes. If I request all log messages specifically on
the branch, I'll get 60% of messages off the main trunk as well. Merging
onto the main trunk works, and otherwise all other functions work perfectly.

Any comments or suggestions? What I did at the beginning was perhaps unusual
but certainly not 'hacking' CVS so it shouldn't be giving this unusual
behaviour? I'm basically waiting to finish development on this branch so I
can forget it ever existed but I'd like to get meaningful diffs off it in
the meanwhile.

Help appreciated,

Matthew Herrmann
Far Edge Technology

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