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rtag -r <tag> not tagging files in Attic???

From: Nesbitt, Steve
Subject: rtag -r <tag> not tagging files in Attic???
Date: Fri, 10 Aug 2001 09:42:15 -0700


I expected that rtag -r <existing tag> <newtag> module would apply <newtag> to *all* files in <module> on which the <existing tag> was placed.

What I'm finding is that if a file that has <existing tag> has been placed in the attic, then the <newtag> is not applied to these files.

Is this the correct behavior? A known bug? Is there a work around? (CVS server is running version 1.10.2)

To provide some context, what I'm trying to do is pautomate placement of a label based on the results of a build. Here's the algorithm:

1) CVS rtag <build identifier> <sources>
2) cvs co -r <build identifier> <sources>
3) perform build
4) if build was successful move LATESTGOOD tag to sources which are also tagged with <build identifier>



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