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Re: rtag -r <tag> not tagging files in Attic???

From: Paul Sander
Subject: Re: rtag -r <tag> not tagging files in Attic???
Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2001 14:53:13 -0700

Sounds like a bug to me.  If the -r option is given, then the rtag command
should apply the new tag to all of the same versions that have the existing
tag.  There may be a significant amount of time between the application of
the two tags, during which one or more files may become dead.

Note also that rtag MUST apply the new tag to files in the Attic if the
existing -r tag specifies a branch tag.  Adding a new file on a branch
causes this condition, and skipping it means that an actual release may
be unreproducible.

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>That seems like correct behaviour to me.  Files in the Attic are
>considered "dead", so they shouldn't be a part of any "release".

>> "Nesbitt, Steve" wrote:
>> I expected that rtag -r <existing tag> <newtag> module would apply
>> <newtag> to *all* files in <module> on which the <existing tag> was
>> placed.
>> What I'm finding is that if a file that has <existing tag> has been
>> placed in the attic, then the <newtag> is not applied to these files.
>> Is this the correct behavior? A known bug? Is there a work around?
>> (CVS server is running version 1.10.2)
>> To provide some context, what I'm trying to do is pautomate placement
>> of a label based on the results of a build. Here's the algorithm:
>> 1) CVS rtag <build identifier> <sources>
>> 2) cvs co -r <build identifier> <sources>
>> 3) perform build
>> 4) if build was successful move LATESTGOOD tag to sources which are
>> also tagged with <build identifier>

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