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Subject: (no subject)
Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2001 05:23:18 -0400

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Hello Konrad,

You can probaly use the modules file to make this work.

Take a look at det link below..


-----Opprinnelig melding-----
Fra: Konrad Hernblad [mailto:address@hidden
Sendt: 12. februar 2001 16:40
Til: address@hidden
Emne: cvs and jbuilder

i'm doing java development in jbuilder and when i create a project, it 
creates the following directories:


the last directory, "src" is the only one that i'm interested in keeping in 
cvs for revision control.

i tried the following steps:

        1.  changed to the dir, "c:\project\src", the one i want to keep in
        2.  at the command line, typed:
                cvs import -m "initial import" project-src konrad start
            (successfully added src dir contents into cvs)
        3.  renamed the original "src" dir to "src-bak" (for backup
        4.  at the command line, typed:
                cvs checkout project-src

when i do a dir, my directory structure looks like:


in cvs, i would like to store the c:\project\src directory as 
"project-src", but when i checkout "project-src", i would like the local 
directory name to be "src" (as it was originally), and not "project-src". 
it seems that the cvs default is to create the local directory name the 
same as the repository project name.

i don't want to do this b/c many of my jbuilder projects have the above 
directory structure and i can't import all of my projects' src directory 
into cvs with the repository project name "src"...

also, was wondering if there is any add-on for jbuilder to do the 
checkouts, updates, etc.?

thank you.


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