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Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2001 05:21:35 -0400

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Peter Disiot wrote:

> Hello All
> I'm having problems adding then commiting a file.  The reason for this is 
> because the file name is the same. There is a subdirectory under comms with a 
> the same filename.  Is this known to be a problem?

I wouldn't exactly call it a problem, at least not in the sense of classifying 
it as a bug, as few filesystems will let you create two files with the same 
name, nor a directory and a file with the same name.

> Secondly any one know what is meant by the following error?
>     cvs add (in directory 
> D:\data\sandbox02\dev\emp25\src\com\sysreal\emp25\comms\)
>     cvs server: added independently by second party

Generally that someone (or you) added the file from a separate workspace and 
you are attempting to add it a second time.


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