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cvs update -kk -j Branch1 -j Branch2 does not ignore keywords?

From: David Rees
Subject: cvs update -kk -j Branch1 -j Branch2 does not ignore keywords?
Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2001 16:50:49 -0700
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I've been trying to merge one branch to another while ignoring keywords with
no luck.  Here's a synopsis of what I do:

cvs co mymodule
cd mymodule
cvs update -r Branch1
cvs update -kk -j Branch1Tag -j HEAD

Now the merge happens fine, but for files which haven't changed between
Branch1Tag and HEAD (except for $Id$ and $Revision$ tags of course) get the
$Id$ and $Revision$ tag from the HEAD branch.  So I end up checking in a lot
of files unnecessarily.

Is this a bug or desired behavior?  Is there any easy way to prevent this
from happenning except for manually sorting through cvs diff and undoing
changes to files?


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