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CVS Commit Automatic file update/copy

From: peter . minutillo
Subject: CVS Commit Automatic file update/copy
Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2001 11:13:23 -0400

     We are currently using CVS to maintain revisions of many different
programs, web scripts, perl modules, etc. located in various parts of the
hosts filesystem. We are trying to find a way to automatically update files
on the filesystem as soon as they are checked in to CVS. I have come across
two problems. We originally ran a script from the 'commitinfo' file that
would copy files to their proper locations in the filesystem. The problem
with this is that commitinfo runs before the keyword substitutions take
place, therefore the files copied have the wrong date, revision, etc.
Apparently any scripts that run from 'loginfo' do not get the same
parameters passed to them as in 'commitinfo'. (repository location, list of
files to be processed). I have read in the CVS manual that you can
automatically run an update from the 'loginfo' file, to keep a current
checked out copy. That sounds logical, however, our files reside in many
places in the filesystem. One 'update' is not sufficient (as in if you were
just updating an htdocs or cgi-bin on a webserver every time), plus, I am
under the impression that 'loginfo' does not get file names, etc., passed
to it. One possible solution I've been thinking of is to just write a
wrapper around CVS commit that will automatically copy files over after a
successful commit, but I was curious to find out if I was on the right
track or if there was something I'd overlooked. Any help would be
appreciated! Thanks!

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