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Re: Overwriting vs. Merging

From: David Sitsky
Subject: Re: Overwriting vs. Merging
Date: Wed, 5 Sep 2001 11:23:44 +1000


I have actually just gone through exactly this process - collapsing a branch 
onto the main trunk, where I had the same requirements as you.

I've attached a small script which I hacked up which did the job - which 
might give you what you want.  You'll need rsync, which you probably already 
have.  If not - go to


On Wednesday 05 September 2001 00:00, Guillaume Etorre wrote:
> Hi everyody,
> I'm using CVS for a medium-size ASIC project, nearing completion. Most of
> the development has been done on a branch; a few files also exist on the
> trunk, but most were added directly to the branch. The project contains
> both ASCII and binary (nonmergeable) files. Moreover, the files on the
> trunk are obsolete, and I don't want them interfering with the latest
> files.
> Therefore, I would like to make all my branch files become the trunk,
> without any merging at all. Basically, just after the operation, I would
> like "cvs checkout -P -d -r BRANCH" and "cvs checkout -P -d" to yield the
> same results.
> I'v read the following article in the mailing-list archive. However, I
> reckon this will not work with binary files, as it will try to merge files.

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