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Overwriting vs. Merging

From: Guillaume Etorre
Subject: Overwriting vs. Merging
Date: Tue, 04 Sep 2001 16:00:36 +0200

Hi everyody,

I'm using CVS for a medium-size ASIC project, nearing completion. Most of the 
development has been done on a branch; a
few files also exist on the trunk, but most were added directly to the branch. 
The project contains both ASCII and
binary (nonmergeable) files. Moreover, the files on the trunk are obsolete, and 
I don't want them interfering with the
latest files.

Therefore, I would like to make all my branch files become the trunk, without 
any merging at all. Basically, just after
the operation, I would like "cvs checkout -P -d -r BRANCH" and "cvs checkout -P 
-d" to yield the same results.

I'v read the following article in the mailing-list archive. However, I reckon 
this will not work with binary files, as
it will try to merge files.

Thank you,

Guillaume Etorre
REALmagic France

> ?: overwriting trunk with development on a branch
>             From: Eugene Kramer 
>             Subject: ?: overwriting trunk with development on a branch 
>             Date: Thu, 31 Aug 2000 22:31:12 -0700 
>        Hello,
>        I need to move the development on the main trunk to a branch, and move 
> what
>        I have as a tip of one of the branches to the main trunk, because it 
> will
>        become the starting point of next release, and other releases, which 
> will
>        follow. I thought about the following procedure:
>        cvs up -A
>        cvs tag NewBranch_base  # save the branching point
>        cvs tag -b NewBranch
>        cvs up -j HEAD -j OldBranch_base
>        cvs up -j OldBranch
>        cvs ci
>        I ran a couple of tests - looks  good.
>        Is there a better way?
>        Thank you.
>        Eugene.

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