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Re: Patches

From: yap_noel
Subject: Re: Patches
Date: Thu, 6 Sep 2001 10:16:05 -0400

I'm not sure how possible this is since, AFAIK, the edit warning will need
to happen on the client side.


Here is the (very rough) patch.

> I am coding some patches to:
> - warn on edit if a file already has another editor
> (basically a rewrite of
> Michal Prussak's Feb 1997 patch)
> - allow the set of admin subcommands (for non-cvsadmin users) to be
> specified (currently only '-k').
> Both of these add extra settings to CVSROOT/config, so they
> can be turned on
> and off at the repository level.

Also, I wanted to only change the server. These changes do not require any
modification to the client, so they can be used with other clients (e.g.
WinCVS) without change.


(See attached file: patch)

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