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RE: Problem with cvs

From: Tim Kemp
Subject: RE: Problem with cvs
Date: Fri, 7 Sep 2001 14:33:07 +0100

> know how to use it. When I try
> running the tool it gives error message "SS not found" . Can someone 
> highlighten me on this and help
> me successfully install and run CVS.

This perl script is not easy to use!

o       make sure sourcesafe is in the path (usually c:\program
files\microsoft visual studio\common\vss...)
o       set SSDIR to where your sourcesafe directory is (i.e. c:\my
o       set SSUSER to your sourcesafe username
o       set SSPWD to your sourcesafe password (if you are not logged on
automatically anyway)

!! make sure there are no spaces in any of your sourcesafe project names or
any of the directories or the script has problems. It can be corrected

!! if your date settings are not American then the script will also need

o run it

I did get it to work correctly on our source tree but cvs crashed after 24
hours when my PC ran out of virtual memory.  In the end I gave up importing
the histories, we are just going to use a snapshot and forget the histories.

Tim Kemp

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