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Re: merge losing changes, no Conflict

From: Markus Warg
Subject: Re: merge losing changes, no Conflict
Date: Thu, 8 Nov 2001 17:41:38 +0100
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okay, war unsure, looked into the repository right now: there are few
.# files, all in CVSROOT. There are lots of # files, almost one in
every directory, all size 0.

I thought only #cvs.lock directories are for locking?

We've not configured something like lock when checked out or so...


On Don, 08 Nov 2001, Larry Jones wrote:

> Markus Warg writes:
> > 
> > no to both of you. The # files do not show up in cvs status, they look
> > like #cvs.wfl.<hostname>.1770 and are 0 byte in size mostly.
> You said they were .# files, not # files!  Like Paul said, those are
> lock files: see <>. 
> If they're there when no one is using CVS, they indicate a serious
> problem -- either CVS is crashing, or someone has been killing it
> without allowing it to cleanup after itself -- and will prevent people
> from doing some or all CVS operations in that directory.
> -Larry Jones
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