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Importing from ClearCase

From: Doug White
Subject: Importing from ClearCase
Date: Thu, 08 Nov 2001 12:47:29 -0500


I have source files in a ClearCase repository that I need to import into
CVS (retaining the historical versions of the files).  Does anyone have any
suggestions of how to do this?  Or pointers to a web site, tech notes, or a
FAQ somewhere that could help me.

I have checked the archives for this group as well as the ClearCase users
group and don't seem to find any suggestions other than: check out the
current files and copy/check them in to CVS (no history), or create views
of the ClearCase files at various labels/baselines and add them to CVS to
create a major version history.

My manager thinks I should be able to get the entire history and not just
an occasional slice.  It seems like I could write a script that could walk
through the directory and extract each version of a file and check it into
CVS, but I hate to try to build that if somebody has already done it or
something else that does the job.

Thanks for your help.

Doug White

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