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Re: CVS and Excel

From: JavaJosh
Subject: Re: CVS and Excel
Date: Thu, 22 Nov 2001 07:59:59 GMT

CVS and ExcelHey Mark. I am new to CVS, but not to VBA. It is possible to
execute an arbitrary command from VBA and capture the output using the
shell() and file functionality of VB. To execute a batch file you would use
something like:

call shell(Environ$("COMSPEC") & " /c c:\test.bat",vbNormalFocus)

Make sure the output is piped to a file, then access the file in VBA. There
is handy file reading code at:

 Alternatively, you could put the CVS output into a nicer form with another
language, such as Perl, and only then import to Excel. However, this is not
strictly necessary, and would depend on how VBA/Excel fluent your colleague

You are limited, of course, to polling CVS for the info you want. However I
don't see how it is possible to avoid this limitation without a more
sophisticated repository structure. There is some native VBA polling code

Now I'm curious: what kind of cvs commands are you executing to obtain these
metrics, and what kinds of metrics are you gathering?

Kind regards,
Josh Rehman

"Mark Hewitt" <address@hidden> wrote in message
I have a colleague who wants to derive some code development
tracking metrics for our CVS hosted products.  This needs to
be done using a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet in a relatively
automatic way.  What he would like is to be able to execute
CVS commands, or use some DLL or ActiveX type functionality
from a Excel VBA to get information back to the spreadsheet.
Has anyone done this?
(For the record, he is currently checking out to a UNIX area,
then building an Oracle database with metrics derived from that
area.  The Oracle database is then queried using ODBC from Excel
VBA.  There has to be a better way!)

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