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Re: RFC, patch -- loginfo behavior for commitinfo

From: Logan Johnson
Subject: Re: RFC, patch -- loginfo behavior for commitinfo
Date: Fri, 7 Dec 2001 11:00:28 -0800

On Friday 07 December 2001 10:30 am, Jerry Nairn wrote:
> Log message can be checked with verifymsg, branch and operation can be
> checked with commitinfo, although it takes a little extra effort. So I don't
> see the need for this unless you want to have special requirements for log
> messages depending on which branch is affected or what operation is being
> performed.

Well, I looked into that.  But really, all of that information needs
to be correlated per file (for instance, we file bugs against a
branch); I can't really do what I need to (database lookups) in 
successive steps with partial info at each step.  I could accomplish the 
same thing by writing out temp files on the server from commitinfo and 
then having verifymsg supply the rest of the information and correlate with 
the temp files.  But, well, eww.

I thought commitinfo doesn't supply the branch normally?  I found a patch 
at that allows it to do so, and considered various
options related to that patch before settling on this plan.


   Logan Johnson     :: address@hidden
   Terraspring, Inc. ::

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