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how to use an external diff on Binary files?

From: Kambiz Tavakoli
Subject: how to use an external diff on Binary files?
Date: 10 Dec 2001 10:03:29 -0800

i entered an external diff program at the prereferences dialog box,
and tried it on binary files. 
the wincvs do not response (dies) after i choose showdiff, with 'use
external diff' being checked.
The last thing appearing in my log window is like
Checking out ...
RCS: d:\repository/...
VERS: 1.3
i miss a log text like :
"*****CVS exited .....*****"
and wincvs seems to hang after that.
what i'm doing wrong?

i've just introduced a simple test program as a 'diff' which only
shows the
command-line-arguments being passed to it.
when diffing text files i can see the output with MFC AfxMessageBox;
(i mean
the 2 file names)
, but wincvs hangs every time i try it with Binary files :(
i have also installed tcl81 on my windows 2000 server and i use 'local
mounted directory'
thank you for answering.


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