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corrupt binary files (with -kb)

From: Matt Lease
Subject: corrupt binary files (with -kb)
Date: Tue, 11 Dec 2001 16:15:22 -0800

I've used CVS for a couple of years but have recently encountered some
strange behavior I don't understand.

I have a number of win2000 desktop boxes (with similar software ) accessing
a remote CVS repository via SSH; on only one of these boxes, binaries
recieved from a checkout are corrupt (and yes, the binaries are all tagged
with -kb).  Comparing the "broken" box with the others, the cvs and ssh
executables being run are the same, and I'm not sure what else to check.
I've tried various cvs versions on the "broken" box without success.

The corrupt binaries are always slightly larger than the correct binary
(e.g. 884 bytes vs 874 bytes, 462622 vs. 460570).

My current workaround is sharing out a directory on the "broken" box and
checking out to it from another box -- very kludgey.


Thanks in advance,

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