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Re: Cannot rename ",filename,", to "filename,v": File Exists when tag gi

From: Karl E. Jorgensen
Subject: Re: Cannot rename ",filename,", to "filename,v": File Exists when tag ging a module
Date: Wed, 12 Dec 2001 23:23:49 +0000
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On Wed, Dec 12, 2001 at 06:27:23PM +0800, Wong Wahmeng-r32813 wrote:
> Hello there,
> Sometimes I encounter this problem. The problem occurs when I tag a 
> module. A file is somehow not able to be tagged and following errors 
> appear on my WinCVS window. Most of the files under this module were 
> successfully tagged.
> cvs -q rtag EAP_PROD_1_0 CIM-EI
> cvs [rtag aborted]: cannot rename files 
>  File exists

I've sometimes seen this on WinNT (are you running NT?) and concluded
that wincvs doesn't *always* close files it has used. After having
elimitated the possibility of other people using the file in question, I
found that shutting down wincvs and re-starting it helps. Don't know
why. But it might do the trick for you.

Remember that NT does not allow you to remove files that are open by
somebody, whereas Unix/Linux does. And CVS originates from Unix/Linux.

Since your H: driver is probably a network drive, you might do well to
see who/what uses that file. 

> I checked the repository and I found ",TCP9600drv.dll," file exists under 
> remove this file and redo but obtain the same error. If I don't remove this 
> file and rerun the cvs tag command over the same file, I got following error 
> message:-
> cvs -q tag EAP_PROD_1_0 TCP9600drv.dll
> cvs [tag aborted]: could not open lock file 
>  File exists
> Please advise and appreciate your input to resolve this problem. 
> Thanks in advance!!!
> Regards,
> Wah Meng

Karl E. Jørgensen
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