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Cannot rename ",filename,", to "filename,v": File Exists when tag ging a

From: Wong Wahmeng-r32813
Subject: Cannot rename ",filename,", to "filename,v": File Exists when tag ging a module
Date: Wed, 12 Dec 2001 18:27:23 +0800

Hello there,
Sometimes I encounter this problem. The problem occurs when I tag a module. A file is somehow not able to be tagged and following errors appear on my WinCVS window. Most of the files under this module were successfully tagged.
cvs -q rtag EAP_PROD_1_0 CIM-EI
cvs [rtag aborted]: cannot rename files H:\TSC_IS\EI_CVS\RELEASE_REPOSITORY\CIM-EI\S-EAP6\TCP-9600/,TCP9600drv.dll, toH:\TSC_IS\EI_CVS\RELEASE_REPOSITORY\CIM-EI\S-EAP6\S-EAP6\TCP-9600/TCP9600drv.dll,v: File exists
I checked the repository and I found ",TCP9600drv.dll," file exists under H:\TSC_IS\EI_CVS\RELEASE_REPOSITORY\CIM-EI\S-EAP6\TCP-9600 folder. I tried to remove this file and redo but obtain the same error. If I don't remove this file and rerun the cvs tag command over the same file, I got following error message:-
cvs -q tag EAP_PROD_1_0 TCP9600drv.dll
cvs [tag aborted]: could not open lock file 'H:\TSC_IS\EI_CVS\RELEASE_REPOSITORY\CIM-EI\S-EAP6\TCP-9600/,TCP9600drv.dll,': File exists
Please advise and appreciate your input to resolve this problem. Thanks in advance!!!
Wah Meng

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