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CVS History Problem

From: Raghavendra_Ganiga
Subject: CVS History Problem
Date: Thu, 20 Dec 2001 17:53:07 +0530

Hi All,
           When I run the command cvs history -c -a -D<date> to get the
commit information since date mentioned.
In the beginning I am getting some warning messages like, 
cvs server: warning: history line 89415 invalid
cvs server: warning: history line 92826 invalid
cvs server: warning: history line 96873 invalid
After this I am getting full report which looks right, But today I came to
know that the report which I am getting is not fully correct.
The history command is not giving detail about some commited modules.
My Question is :
1)Is this because of that warning I am getting 
2)Is it a CVS bug
I am using cvs1.11.1p1.
Would you please clarify about this. How to overcome this problem.

Thanks in Advance
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