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Help! Newbie to cvs/rcs .. mks--> GNU RCS??

From: Mike O
Subject: Help! Newbie to cvs/rcs .. mks--> GNU RCS??
Date: Thu, 20 Dec 2001 18:43:03 -0600

I have a mks/RCS source, about 10 gig, that I had to move from an NCR box to
a Sun system.  The hope was not to buy MKS but to use GNU RCS (maybe cvs

I have compiled GNU RCS in my cvs-1.11 directory.  When I run 'co adcsmfd.p'
I get the following error:

co: RCS/adcsmfd.p,v: No such file or directory

The original MKS/RCS system lived in '/usr/mks/RCS' .. etc.  I have symbolic
links on the new system pointing to 'mks -> /home/atti18/usr/mks' ... I even
tried to 'ln -s' a similar path in my 'cvs' home.

NCR:  /usr/mks/  <-- this directory is now located on a SUN in
SUN: /opnsrc/cvs-1.11/   <-- NEW system containing the GNU RCS & cvs

Thanks for any tips/help!!


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