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RE: two Modules, branch one module, or what?

From: Daniels, David
Subject: RE: two Modules, branch one module, or what?
Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2002 09:50:15 -0600

Having worked on projects with multiple modules, I can tell you that's a
hell of a way to go. Believe me, it creates more problems than it solves. I
don't see why branching and labeling wouldn't work in your situation. You
might take a look at for
some patterns which might fit your situation more to your liking.


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Subject: two Modules, branch one module, or what?


We have a development model where lots of "absolutely necessary" additions
to our in house product are made daily.  So, we release a "stable build"
several times a day.  Since these new features are added in this way, it
would seem that the typical stable/development branch solution would not
best suit our needs.  This is because one would typically let stable sit
for quite a while and acquire only fixes if I understand correctly.  All
the while, one would add all "enhancements" to the development branch and
then merge the two at some point when development becomes stable again.
Since there is usually a large gap of time involved between stable
releases, this is not the option we need.  Instead, something where
development code could be checked in and flagged as development would be
nice.  Then one could build development or production and get different
products depending on the build flag.  Unless I overlooked it, CVS does not
support this.  So, it would seem that the only hack for this would be to
have two parallel modules.  One would have development code and the other
would be stable.  If at any point in time a piece of code became stable, a
script could move it into the stable module.  In the end, this sounds just
like branching except that it can be merged slowly piece by piece.   Does
anyone see this from a better angle than I?  Surely, someone has a similar
situation.  If so, I'd love to hear what you decided to do and why.

Thanks so much for you help!
Joseph Chandler
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