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Re: Adding new sudir/src files to existing repo

From: Larry Jones
Subject: Re: Adding new sudir/src files to existing repo
Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2002 15:08:44 -0500 (EST)

address@hidden writes:
> I have been testing and testing and testing...  I thought, gee what if I
> forgot to include a subdirectory and its source files when I initially
> created the repo???  How would I go about adding it.  It looks like what I
> tried worked but when I went and checked it out and tried to add a new file
> there it wouldn't let me.  The error I got was "do cvs checkout first".

You need to clearly differentiate between the repository directory
(where all the ,v files live), working directories (that have been
checked out of CVS), and import directories (miscellaneous directories
that don't have anything to do with CVS, but contain stuff that you want
to put under CVS control).  From the following description (which I
trimmed), I couldn't figure out exactly where you were working or
exactly what it was that you wanted to do.

To add files and directories to an existing module, you need to have
that modules checked out into a working directory.  Then you go into
that working directory and create the appropriate files and/or
directories, use "cvs add" to add them to the repository (note that you
have to add a directory before you can add any files in it), and finally
"cvs commit" to commit the additions.  To add a new top-level directory,
you can either check out the root of your repository (".", you'll
probably want to use -d to specify a more useful name and -l to avoid
checking out all the files in the whole repository) and proceed as
above, or you can use import.

-Larry Jones

Another casualty of applied metaphysics. -- Hobbes

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