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Adding new sudir/src files to existing repo

From: stacy . j . lyons
Subject: Adding new sudir/src files to existing repo
Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2002 14:27:28 -0500

I have been testing and testing and testing...  I thought, gee what if I
forgot to include a subdirectory and its source files when I initially
created the repo???  How would I go about adding it.  It looks like what I
tried worked but when I went and checked it out and tried to add a new file
there it wouldn't let me.  The error I got was "do cvs checkout first".

to add the new sudir I did this:

$cd /cpas/stacy/test   (this is where I imported the repo originally)

 I created new subdir and copied src files here


$cvs import -m "add new dir" test stacy start

This appears to have worked.

Am I doing something wrong with the add command or is this the improper way
to add a subdir to an existing repo??

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