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Re: update

From: Bob Bowen
Subject: Re: update
Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2002 19:08:16 -0600

"Walsh, Matthew" wrote:
> Anyone have any idea how difficult it would be to get the
> checkout and update commands to layer versions.
> Eg..
> So that someone can say:
> IF the file is on branch BRANCH, give me the latest version there, otherwise
> give me the one tagged TAG, wherever that may be.
> Currently, you can get the Tagged version (branch or non-branch), and if
> not tagged, the only option is the latest on  the main branch. It would
> be nice to have the option of skipping anything not tagged and leaving it
> alone. CVS deletes it from the sandbox if the -f option isn't specified.
> What I want is:
> cvs co -rTAG module
> cvs update -rBRANCH
> without losing anything out of my sandbox that isn't BRANCHed.
> Thanks,
> Matt

The only way I've found to do this is to define a different module describing
only what's in the branch. Then you do two checkouts, not updates to set up your
workarea, e.g.:

cvs co -rTAG base-module
cvs co -rBRANCH branch-module

The order here is important, you want to use the module which is the "superset"
first so that you get a complete set of files. Then you "layer" the subset files
from the branch, replacing the TAG version.

It is tedious, but it does work. You also have to be careful that all users pay
careful attention that they're only changing files on the branch, but CVS does
help with this with the sticky tag.

Hope this helps,

Bob Bowen  address@hidden  Process Engineering  (952)876-4635

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