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Re: cvsclient

From: Christian Andersson
Subject: Re: cvsclient
Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2002 18:12:09 +0100

> Christian Andersson writes:
> >
> > Since we have both windows and linux as developement plattforms, and
> > we are located in different countries (although we work in the same
> > I have decided to set up the cvs-system as a pserver on a linux, and use
> > to do portforwarding to this cvs-server (the firewall blocks all other
> > of connections, so I guess it is secure enough)
> There's no need to tunnel pserver, just use :ext: with CVS_RSH set to
> ssh.

would not the client have to support it then? this way the client does not
have to support ssh and we can then
have more clients to choose from, atleast that is what I think (I'm not sure
if smartcvs supports ssh security)

besides, I have to know how to install the server like that, and enerything
else, this works and gets us more benefits :-)

/Christian Andersson

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