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From: Christian Andersson
Subject: cvsclient
Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2002 16:54:13 +0100

Hi there, I just want your opinion on which cvs-client I should choose and
possible also any information on them...

Since we have both windows and linux as developement plattforms, and since
we are located in different countries (although we work in the same company)
I have decided to set up the cvs-system as a pserver on a linux, and use ssh
to do portforwarding to this cvs-server (the firewall blocks all other type
of connections, so I guess it is secure enough)

the question i have is what cvs-clients we should use, we have been looking
at a couple of them but I'd like your opinion (and yes it will have to be a
graphical client, nott command driven, since not all developers are
experienced enough with command driven systems...)

It would also be a Bonus if the client existed on multiple plattforms, easy
to install, easy to use, and not to many bugs :-)

Sofar we have been looking a little at the following: jcvsII , wincvs and
smartcvs, so far smartcvs has been the best choice, but we still have not

Also comments about the jbuilder enterprice cvs integration (jbuilder 6)
would be appreciated...
(We are using jbuilder professional at the moment)

/Christian Andersson

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