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Re: CVS client on a Mac OS 9

From: David Fuller
Subject: Re: CVS client on a Mac OS 9
Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2002 20:12:40 -0500
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Last time I checked Mac and NT didn't mix well. I'd suggest not using NT server.

Pham, Khiem wrote:

Hi anyone,
I have a setup question if anyone can help me.  I have CVS running on NT
server with ntserver authentication, so you do not need to log in from a CVS
client.  I have CVS clients running from other NTs and they are working
perfectly.  Now I have been trying to run CVS client on a Mac OS 9 with one
of these four: jCVS, MacCVS Client, MacCVSPro, CVSWeb with no success.  None
of these four client have a setup for ntserver authentication and all
mention CVS server on a Unix platform.  The only authentication method I saw
was pserver, ssh, rhosts which not recommended for NTs.  Any ideas how I can
get a CVS client to work on a Mac?  Thanks a whole bunch...

Khiem Pham

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