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multiple cvsroot server set up

From: AYu
Subject: multiple cvsroot server set up
Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2002 13:32:16 -0500


I have set up CVS server on Solaris 2.8 and it is working with one CVS
root. But I having problem when I tried to convert the CVS server to have
mutilple CVS root.

According to the CVS doc  section,  I am supposed to be able to do
this. But I cannot figure out how to do it exactly.

Excerpt from CVS docs section

The `--allow-root' option specifies the allowable CVSROOT directory.
Clients which attempt to use a different CVSROOT directory will not be
allowed to connect. If there is more than one CVSROOT directory which you
want to allow, repeat the option. (Unfortunately, many versions of inetd
have very small limits on the number of arguments and/or the total length
of the command. The usual solution to this problem is to have inetd run a
shell script which then invokes CVS with the necessary arguments.)

According to this, all I have to is to "repeat the option".

The following is the inetd.conf entry that I have tried and failed to work.

cvspserver      stream  tcp     nowait  root    /usr/local/bin/cvs      cvs
-f --allow-root=/cvsroot1 --allow-root=/cvsroot2  pserver

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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