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RE: cvs benchmarks

From: Tom Copeland
Subject: RE: cvs benchmarks
Date: Wed, 3 Apr 2002 17:11:59 -0500

My CVS server - 12 repositories, 19700 files, 117 users (plus nightly
cron jobs that do automated checkouts and whatnot for builds & history
graphs), 880 MB of data - all running on a 2 CPU Linux box with 1 GB of
RAM.  Runnin' smooth as silk...



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Subject: Re: cvs benchmarks

To be useful, you need to know how it compares tosomthing else on the 
same hardware.

Another way you could look at this is - how much do you care or what is 
an acceptable level of performance.

Unless you have a monster tree, you're not really going to care because 
"speed" is not a feature you'll care about.

In other words, if you want an answer you're going to get much better 
luck if you describe the kind of performance you care about by 
describing the boundaries of your tree.

I have 1.2 gigs in my cvs repository in 20 different trees, 1900 
directories, 14500 files and overall 54000 commits with users on 
Windows, MacOS X, Solaris and Linux and remote access over slow lines 
and people working on laptops and  travelling around.

            ... Performance has never been an issue.


Daniels, David F wrote:

>Anything. Network performance, source tree limits and performance and 
>the like. I have some metrics from the CVS Web site, but I was hoping 
>for a bit more.
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>From: Gianni Mariani [mailto:address@hidden
>Sent: Wednesday, April 03, 2002 11:37 AM
>To: Daniels, David F
>Cc: 'address@hidden'
>Subject: Re: cvs benchmarks
>What kind of performance metrics are you looking for ?
>How big is this source tree you're going to be using ?
>Daniels, David F wrote:
>>Can anyone point me to any benchmarks on CVS's performance?
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