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Re: Problems using CVS transparently

From: Sonam Chauhan
Subject: Re: Problems using CVS transparently
Date: Thu, 04 Apr 2002 17:07:09 +1000
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Pierre Asselin wrote:

In <address@hidden> Sonam Chauhan <address@hidden> writes:

PROBLEM #1: CVS usage must be transparent. This means no 'CVS'
meta-directories are allowed [ ... ]

Give up now before you get an ulcer?


SOLUTION #1: The way I solved this problem (I think) was by creating
a parallel source controlled directory hard linked to the development

Does that work?  CVS has a way of ignoring files with link count
greater than 1.

It didn't work well below the top level linked subdirectories. Is this what you thought would happen?

Anyway, I've given up on it.

General impression:  you can have your development environment or you
can have CVS, and you can't have both.

That sounds about right :)

Maybe you should treat your dev environment as a virtual vendor.
Export trees, not checkout, to use in development.  When ready,
import them back, not commit, into CVS, as if you were releasing
a tarball to yourself.  This is an extremely clumsy way to use CVS,
turning it into a glorified closet.  It also means that you develop
without the benefit of a source-controlled environment:  no cvs diff,
no cvs update, etc.

I was thinking of trying another approach: the IDE treats each code directory as a "code package" . Typically I may only need to release code in 2 or 3 of 15 packages - say dir11, dir22, and dir 55. The IDE just zips up these directories. Each ZIP file is sent to remote servers and unzipped there.

What I was thinking of doing  was to do this:
1. Create a copy (no hard links now!) of the working directory.
   Check the copy into CVS. Delete the copy.
2. For every release, checkout the module, unzip the released ZIP files
   onto the checked out directory, (a similar process takes place on
   the servers during the actual release)
3. cvs-commit the entire thing. I'm not clear if I could create a
   new tag though.


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