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Re: Problems using CVS transparently

From: Sonam Chauhan
Subject: Re: Problems using CVS transparently
Date: Mon, 08 Apr 2002 13:25:31 +1000
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CVS is more efficient at storage (IIRC, even with binary files,
it only stores
new copies if the file has changed. And much of the code is text)

tar can also store only files that changed after a given time. And is disk
space really an issue???

Thanks for pointing that out about tar. Disk space, of course, is not an issue these days. But the fact is, on our system, that cvs is a managed service that has already been setup on our system, and is being admininistered, backed up , etc.

If I use cvs, I gain all of these advantages. If not, I get to do them myself. (no joy!) That is the real issue.

Thanks for your inputs below.

By mistake, I didn't have the list address in the last mail to you. I am cc:ing the list on my reply.

Kind regards,

(Personally I would rather use a good source control system and

some other

tool for deployment, but I guess that's not an option here).

Hmm, do you have some recommendations for some good tools?


I have experience with only three tools:
1. VSS (Visual SourceSafe) - very simple to setup and use, limited
functionality, but better than nothing. Works only in Win32 environments.
Integrated into visual studio. Very cheap.

2. CVS - open source, multiplatform, easy to setup, not too complicated to
use, free.

3. ClearCase - extremely powerful, but complicated, and very expensive.

There are many other tools, both free and commercial, but I don't know a lot
about them.

Good luck,


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