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Re: cvs edit -c locked checkout problem

From: Robert J. Clark
Subject: Re: cvs edit -c locked checkout problem
Date: Tue, 23 Apr 2002 19:36:20 -0400

On Tue, 23 Apr 2002 14:44:22 -0400
"Krishnamoorthy, Balaji" <address@hidden>

> Hi All,
>     I have a CVS server setup in the Unix , all the users are defined
>     in the passwd file , of the repository . The CVSROOT is as 
>     ":cvspserver:address@hidden:/local/apps/cvs/sample
>     apprepository" .And these repositories are defined in cvsstart
>     file .
> The problem is 
> cvs edit -c for a locked checkout does not work. Any other user can
> unlock the file . 
> Could anyone please suggest a workaround .

Don't use CVS? The "C" in CVS stands for "Concurrent". This means that
anyone can edit any file at any time. If you need true locking, then you
will have to use one of the hacks floating around to add this to CVS or
live with the fact that CVS does not work that way.

- Rob

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