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Re: splitting CVSROOT/modules into multiple files?

From: Andreas Thalau
Subject: Re: splitting CVSROOT/modules into multiple files?
Date: 26 Apr 2002 00:42:41 +0200

on Thu, 2002-04-25 Larry Jones wrote:
> Andreas Thalau writes:
> > 
> > is it possible to use more than one modules file in CVS? I would like
> > the modules file to behave like http.conf in apache using the "include"
> > directive.
> No.

Thank you for your reply Larry. I´ve searched google today and found no
match for my question. I think no one except us likes to split up a
modules file into multiple files...;o).

We have a dozen (the number is continuously growing) projects with five
up to ten sub-modules for each project in one repository and the modules
file is getting more and more "unreadable". This is why we like to have
it separated into one file per project. Maybe there are many more
advantages when making this possible which we can´t figure out
yet...(we´re new to cvs..)

> > If this is not available in the current version of CVS (where currently
> > using 1.11 on Solaris I think), will it be in future versions?
> Only if people generally think it's a good idea and someone writes the
> code and contributes it.

I hope someone will think that this is not only "nice to have"...
Unfortunately we´re not able to code this (the cvs-server is available
in sourcecode, right?).

Thanks again for your help.

Andreas Thalau

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