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RE: merge mode for XML

From: Sean Hager
Subject: RE: merge mode for XML
Date: Fri, 3 May 2002 16:24:17 -0500

> > > No.  Not on extension, but based on *regular
> expressions*, or at least
> > > shell-style   pattern  matching   expressions.
> Extensions   are  too
> > > simplistic.  (c.f. CVSROOT/cvswrappers,  CVSROOT/cvsignore)
> >
> > Extensions would work fine, pattern matching is overkill.
> Neither is suitable or sufficient.
> The actual type must be explicitly recorded in every delta,
> or at least
> the initial delta and every delta following a "dead" delta.

on earth, extension matching would be fine.  Unless you have rogue
developers that "try" and break the system by changing file formation while
keeping extensions the same (save it as a jpg, but it is really a gif
format) you should not have a problem.  If you do have rogue developers, or
even developers that can't follow simple instructions such as "hey, if it is
not a jpeg then don't save it as a jpeg!" then you have much larger
ie. maybe the inmates of San Quinton do not make the idea
development team.


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