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Re: 'Remove' and 'Commit' from/to the CVS repository

From: N Garry
Subject: Re: 'Remove' and 'Commit' from/to the CVS repository
Date: Tue, 07 May 2002 14:29:09 -0400

I want to have all the control for any kind of deletion/removal.
My users in the past have accidentally deleted the entire source tree in a different version control system. There are ways to recover the deleted revisions, but I insist that the developers should send me the list of files to be removed from the repository instead of they doing it. Well, they can check-in any garbage/e,pty files and I don't care as they can always make any prior version as head revision without any kind of administration task invloved.

Let me know if anyone has any ideas.


From: address@hidden (Larry Jones)
To: address@hidden (N Garry)
CC: address@hidden
Subject: Re: 'Remove' and 'Commit' from/to the CVS repository
Date: Tue, 7 May 2002 10:59:14 -0400 (EDT)

N Garry writes:
> How do I prevent "removing a file/s" from the CVS repository.
> My requirement is that I should allow users to be able to make changes
> and commit, but prevent them to use 'remove' and 'commit'.

That doesn't make much sense.  Why would you allow someone to delete all
the lines in a file or replace them with nonsense, but refuse to allow
them to delete the file?

-Larry Jones

I don't think that question was very hypothetical at all. -- Calvin

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