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Upgrading cvs to newer version

From: Anette van der Schyf
Subject: Upgrading cvs to newer version
Date: Thu, 16 May 2002 07:34:29 +0200


We are currently running cvs version 1.10.7 on linux 2.2. We want to upgrade
to version 1.11.2 of cvs. I would like to know if the following steps of 
upgrading is correct:

1.      I have downloaded cvs-1.11.tar.gz
2.      Type on commandline: gunzip cvs-1.11.tar.gz
3.      Type on commandline: tar xvf cvs-1.11.tar.gz
4.      Type on commandline: cd cvs-1.11
5.      Type on commandline: ./configure
6.      Type on commandline: make 
7.      Type on commandline: make install

Do I need to set up everything again (the whole cvs)? Or will the existing
repository and users acces etc still be ok? (I don't want to break

Thank you


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