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Re: Permanent use of branch, making main trunk obsolete (good or bad ide

From: david
Subject: Re: Permanent use of branch, making main trunk obsolete (good or bad idea ?)
Date: Thu, 30 May 2002 22:00:37 -0500 (CDT)

> Is it a bad idea to go forward by developing new code in the branch
> (and 'pretending' it is the main trunk). We will then in future branch
> off from this branch and so on.
One thing that might be an issue is that CVS stores the version at the
end of the trunk directly, and applies all the diffs back to the
branch point and down the branch from there.

We ran into annoying delays in processing some of our 30 kiloline
files (yes, that's much too large) with some 80 revs since the
branch point and most of them merged to the trunk.
> My worry is that because of CVS internals, this might be a bad idea.
> The alternative is to make the effort to merge the branch back into
> the main trunk, and create a new branch at that point for maintenance
> fixes.
Cut a release branch at the current head of trunk.  This will
be your maintenance branch for the fixes.  Then, check out
the trunk and the development branch, copy the development files
over the trunk files, and commit.  You now have the trunk for
development and a release branch.  Looking through the logs will
be a touch awkward, but everything will still diff properly.

David H. Thornley                        | If you want my opinion, ask.
address@hidden                       | If you don't, flee. | O-

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