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RE: synchronizing multiple CVS-repositories .... ?

From: Dusan Juhas
Subject: RE: synchronizing multiple CVS-repositories .... ?
Date: Thu, 6 Jun 2002 12:15:14 +0200 (CEST)

CVSup doesn't depend on CVS (it can work with non CVS files).
But for CVS (more precisly RCS) files is more efficient.
Thus, it's only up to you which part of cvs repository you will
synchronize. Let's suppose your $CVSROOT contains:
CVSROOT - cvs admin files
global - files to share
local - files for local purpose only

If you synchronize only global dir, you can only see changes.
Adding CVSROOT you can do check-out but not check-in (you can
do checkin via pserver to the original rep.)
For details see:

>As far as I understand CVSUP lets me get a copy of the whole source tree
>from a remote server. This will give me one version of every element
>.... correct?
>What I want is to be able to synchronize the complete repository between
>sites. So every site would have the complete history for every file
>available (for checkout of a different version *without* having to
>the server.)
>(I know that there are issues with concurrency and simultaneous changes.
>I can control these ... by doing it the way Ratinal's Clearcase Multisite
>it.) But is there a technical way to synchronize only the pieces that I
>to ... ?

Best regards,
Dusan Juhas

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