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CVS Update from 1.10.7 -> 1.11.1p1 or later

From: Nikolaus Schusser
Subject: CVS Update from 1.10.7 -> 1.11.1p1 or later
Date: Mon, 10 Jun 2002 14:00:39 +0200

Hello !

I think, we will have to upgrade our CVS-server-binary (UNIX)
in the nearest future, because we will need enhanced commands
like 'rdiff', 'rlog', and so on ...

What happens, if I upgrade my CVS-server from 1.10.7 to
1.11.1p1, what should I take care of, especially with
locally checked out copies and history files ?

Is it just as easy like copying the new version over the
old one, or will I have to run conversion-utilities, to
make my files compatible with the new CVS ?

Thanx a lot

Nikolaus Schusser, Internal IT Administration

Hyperwave Research & Development
Albrechtgasse 9/2.St.
A-8010 Graz

Tel. +43 316 82 09 18 - 640, Fax +43 316 82 09 18 - 99

mailto: address@hidden

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