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cvs log checking per branch ?

From: Heikki Doeleman
Subject: cvs log checking per branch ?
Date: Mon, 10 Jun 2002 14:03:13 +0200

Hi there
I am wondering whether there is a way to require a certain cvs log format --per branch--, not per module.
For example, I want to require a format like "bugnr: <digits>" in my release branch, but not in the main branch.
The documentation about the "verifymsg" trigger seems to only allow this kind of restriction per module. I suppose that if I had the branch name available in the verifymsg trigger it would be easy to do. Is there a way to get at this info ? Like in the commitinfo trigger, where you have a list of the files to be committed, and so can ask of each file (with "cvs status") which branch it is in?
Thanks in advance !

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