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loginfo issue

From: Muhammad Shakeel
Subject: loginfo issue
Date: Tue, 11 Jun 2002 19:00:11 +0500
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I am using cvs version 1.10.8 on a solaris machine. I am using 'loginfo' to send mails to a particular group for different projects check in from a cvs repository. When i added a new line with similar expression for a new project it does not work.
e.g. i am adding the following line:

^sntree.*snDhcpExample.* Mail -s %{sVv} address@hidden

when i make 'check in' in the snDhcpExample folder it does not send mail or same expession does not work. I am changing the loginfo after properly checking out and then checking in back into the CVSROOT. Is there is some bug with the loginfo file ? Is there is any precuations me should take care ? Is cvs generate any messages and can i get loginfo log messages to debug it ?

Regards, Shakeel

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