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Re: authorization failed: no such repository

From: bollu
Subject: Re: authorization failed: no such repository
Date: Tue, 13 Aug 2002 15:20:26 +0200


Thanks for the answer. It now works.

Please read my comments in the text


>> Hi all,
>> I have used CVS for some months now and never had such a problem as the
>> I'm facing now.
>> I have CVS installed on a IBM AIX. The repository is located on a
solaris 8
>> and is mounted on the AIX via NFS (If I remember well, you don't
>> to use NFS with CVS but untill now it has always worked and I have some
>> reasons to leave it like this).
>The standard recommendation is that you do not mount on NFS and use
>local access.  Using NFS in other ways may be a bad idea, but IIRC
>this hasn't yet been shown.  (BTW, when talking about repository
>corruption, "until now it has always worked" isn't a very good reason.
>In the first place, unless you specifically check you may miss some
>cases of corruption; in the second place, this is sufficiently bad
>that you don't want to take chances.)

>> I can access CVS from my PC, using CVS under DOS, but when I try to
>> from the solaris 8 I got the following unfriendly error message:
>> >SOL8% cvs -d :pserver:address@hidden:2402/vns/cvsroot login

>This is the way it is specified in the manual for 1.11.2; I don't
>know how it is specified in earlier versions.  I haven't had to
>specify a port (I assume you've got the usual AIX conflict there),
>and so don't know if it works in general.

Indeed, I have the AIX conflict.

>> >(Logging in to address@hidden)
>> >CVS password:
>> >2402/vns/cvsroot: no such repository

>On the other hand, this shows that CVS is not parsing the CVSROOT
>as you like, but is assuming 2402 is the start of the repository
>location rather than the port.

You are absolutly right, even, it works when I issue the following
     cvs -d :pserver:address@hidden:/vns/cvsroot login.
I don't know how the solaris-cvs knows to look at port 2402 (I didn't
installed it on solaris side), but it knows it...

>What version of CVS are you using on AIX and the Solaris?

on AIX: CVS 1.11.2 (I compiled it)
on Solaris: CVS 1.11 (A consultant installed it)

Cyrille Bollu - Software Development Engineer
AWTCE - Navigation Department
Tel. +32 2 389 25 14
Fax. +32 2 389 12 13

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