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Re: WinCvs using SSH

From: Dustin Cavanaugh
Subject: Re: WinCvs using SSH
Date: Fri, 23 Aug 2002 12:22:58 -0700

I'm using a similar configuration, except the host is UNIX.

Go to the WinCVS preferences. Under Authentication, select ssh. Click on Settings and fill the fields as follows:
        1) RSA unselected:
2) Fill in C:\Program Files\GNU\WinCvs 1.3\plink.exe for the second field. 3) For Additional options: "-ssh -pw {your linux password}" <- no quotes nor braces.
That's it.

You may not like the fact that you have to enter your password in plain text nor that the main preferences window shows your password. There are 2 options to this: 1) Do as I did and modify the source code to hide the offending window, or 2) use pageant with a key-pair.

Option #2 is the cleanest and offers the fewest headaches. It does require that your ssh server be configured to accept passphrase authentication as well as password, and that users use their own machines or carry their keys with them on a disk. At any rate, choose your own poison.

At 10:47 AM 8/23/2002 , you wrote:
Hi all,

I'm trying to configure a WinCvs 1.3 client to access a repository on a
Linux server using SSH. When I try to connect using :ext: I should be
prompted for a password, but my client session responds:
cvs import: warning: unrecognized response 'address@hidden's password'
from cvs server

It appears the server is requesting a password but the client doesn't
understand to prompt me. Any ideas about solving this, or does anyone have a
similar configuration working? I'm using PuTTY Plink for SSH.


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