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Re: CVS vs Aegis (Re: More locking, sort of)

From: Matthew Hannigan
Subject: Re: CVS vs Aegis (Re: More locking, sort of)
Date: Sun, 08 Sep 2002 14:44:51 +1000
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Thanks for your reply, I agreed with most of

Greg A. Woods wrote:

Finally note that not everyone will need the kind of control that Aegis
offers -- for many people CVS is sufficient.

I think this is the biggy; there seems to a lot of learning
to do in adopting Aegis, compared to cvs, especially for
those of used to rcs or sccs.  People bridle at too much
control too,  and if they can't seem to do what they want
to easily, they will break out of it.

[ references to qef and vesta ]

Thanks again, I'll check it out.
Part of the problem with systems that enforce testing
is that testing is quite hard for the  multi-tier web
apps that are popular these days.   The effort expended
in writing tests and testing might far exceed the effort
in writing the thing in the first place.

PS. and people remember what Dijkstra said about testing.

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