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RE: testing cvs using local host?

From: Riechers, Matthew W
Subject: RE: testing cvs using local host?
Date: Tue, 10 Sep 2002 08:25:48 -0400

> From: Ray Tayek [mailto:address@hidden
> but i am having trouble using wincvs on my win98 machine (i get a 
> connection refused).
> i have:
> cvspserver      stream  tcp     nowait  root    /usr/bin/cvs  
>   cvs -f 
> --allow-root=~ray/cvsroot

The entry itself looks ok AFAICT, so...

Did you reset inetd?
Is the cvs entry in inetd.conf all on one line?
Perhaps try '/home/ray/cvsroot' instead of '~ray/cvsroot' (just a guess)

> and $CVSROOT=/home/ray/cvsroot

Is this $CVSROOT on the client or server? If it's server-side, then perhaps
your client $CVSROOT is screwed up...

> i was wondering what the incantation would be to do something 
> on the linux 
> box, treating it as both the client and the server.

You *should* be able to use the same $CVSROOT as the client's.


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