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Binary files and cvswrappers

From: dominic . afriat
Subject: Binary files and cvswrappers
Date: Thu, 17 Oct 2002 17:39:32 +0200

I am setting a CVS repository with a very large product that we receive from our parent company.  They don't use CVS so I can't base our setup on what they use.

There is a great deal of variety in the file extensions that are used in this product - some of the extensions are used both for binary files and ascii files.

I am asking this question after having put in a considerable effort to create the repository with about 25 different versions of product on the main line!

I started importing the versions using a cvswrappers that I believed, at the beginning, to be accurate and complete;

Having finished - I now realise that there are one or two extensions that I should have included in the cvswrappers (actually the extensions weren't used in the first version of the product but appeared in the last 10 releases).

When is the cvswrapper file used?

Is it during the import/commit?  - i.e. does cvs record the changes in the ,v file differently depending on the cvswrappers entry.
Is it during the checkout/export ? - i.e. does it use a different client/server transfer mode based on the wrapper entry (in ftp parlance - does it switch to Bin or Ascii mode depending on the cvswrapper entry)
Is it during a merge?  i.e. does it simply refuse to merge changes on a line by line basis if we are working on a binary file

Ultimately my question is - is my repository invalid as a result of having used the wrong cvswrapper entry to import a large number of files and versions?
It my repository is invalid - How can I possibly ever manage to import a new version without spending a few hours checking for any new file types?
Secondly - how am I meant to deal with files that don't have an extension but could be either a binary or a shell script?



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