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Re: AW: Multiple cvs users in one checkout area

From: Mr. Cristian Romanescu
Subject: Re: AW: Multiple cvs users in one checkout area
Date: Mon, 21 Oct 2002 10:18:03 +0200
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Could also make a generic username which any developer knows its password and then checkout a version using that user

....just an idea....

Cristian Romanescu

Andreas Otte wrote:


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Gesendet: Montag, 21. Oktober 2002 10:01
An: Andreas Otte
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Betreff: Re: Multiple cvs users in one checkout area

Why doesn't each user checkout his own version of the project and works on it and then commits changes? Why must you have one checkout area? This is the role of cvs so that each user to retrieve a version to work on it....

The sources are sources for database objects (stored procedures, triggers, ...) which are applied against a database, no user has it's own database, so it makes no sense to work in different areas, everbody will see everybody else's changes in the database anyway. The private sandbox isn't there.
It seems to me if I want to get this to work I have to make cvs look only for 
the entry in the CVSROOT variable and ignore the content of the Root files in 
the cvs subdirectories.

Andreas Otte

Cristian Romanescu.

Andreas Otte wrote:


Is it possible with cvs to have one checkout area, for example on a network drive and then access these files with multiple cvs
I'm running into problems because in the Root-files in the cvs directorys the user who checked out the files in the first place is stored and the user switches to that user when working on
those files.
Of course the now current user does not have the password for the other user ...

Any ideas?


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