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exporting etc

From: Dougal Kennedy
Subject: exporting etc
Date: Thu, 31 Oct 2002 15:29:55 +1100

 I am using cvs for web based applications and cannot put a 
 seperate CVS folder within each one of my folders, due to 
 security reasons. However, at the same time i do not want to 
 have delete my whole directory structure, as this causes 
 issues with the virtual folders pointing to these physical ones.
 I would like to know if either of the following are possible:
 * Doing a checkout that will over-write any files with the 
   same name that already exist (no i do not want to do an 
   update, as the files being over-written will contain no CVS 
   information-ie i want to do an export that overwrites a 
   previous export) OR
 * Instead of putting the 3 automatically created CVS file 
   (entries, repositroy and root) in a seperate folder called 
   CVS, is it possible to put these three files in the same 
   directory level as the files that they are describing.
 Any help would be very much appreciated, as without one of 
 these two options, CVS is useless to me, and i will have to 
 use source safe instead (which i do not want to do because of 
 budget constraints).
 Dougal Kennedy
 Software Engineer
 iContact Australia Pty Ltd 
 Ph. +61 2 6271 0111 
 Fx. +61 2 6271 0199 
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